Indian Diet Chart for Pregnancy Women

Indian Diet Chart for Pregnancy Women: 

Diet plays an important role to hold a healthy pregnancy.  Pregnant women should always be careful enough while taking a single piece of food in their mouth. Because research says eating a healthy and well-balanced indian diet chart for pregnancy can give you a safe and healthy pregnancy in the future. 

An Indian food chart for pregnancy includes here as follows: – 

You should take Foods like meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and nuts which are highly rich in protein, iron, and zinc.  All these foods are included in the Indian diet chart for pregnancy because all these foods consist of normal proteins that are required for a pregnant woman. Taking 15gm of protein per day is recommended.

Fresh Meat and Nuts:

Dairy Products:

Dairy products like Milk, cheese, and yogurt are also included in the Indian diet chart for pregnancy because it is the main source of protein, phosphorus, calcium, and vitamins. These dairy products are high sources of calcium which is required a lot during pregnancy.

Fruits and Vegetables:

oranges, berries, grapefruit, and melons are highly rich in vitamins A and C, fiber, and potassium which are very good for a pregnant woman.  Also including raw leafy vegetables like spinach, carrot, peas, corn, sweet potatoes, and potatoes is good because it is rich in vitamins A and C, minerals also include iron and magnesium along with folate.

Rice, Cereals, Bread, Pasta:

These food types can be taken in the Indian diet chart for pregnancy. Because all these above foods have carbohydrates which are a good source of energy along with minerals, vitamins, and fiber

Iron-Rich Foods:

Source says that generally, Indian women are more prone to be anemic. Those who have anemic problems during their pregnancy can add such foods to their diets as raisins, prunes or beans, soy products, spinach, and meat.  The body can easily absorb iron when you consume all other food items having Vitamin C content like citrus fruits, broccoli, and potatoes.

Fats, Sweets, and Oils:

You can take it as optimal only advisable to intake 30 percent of your daily calories including a few vitamins and minerals because too much fat intake can increase the body mass and fail you to keep a balanced and healthy body during your pregnancy periods. 

Folic Acid:

During pregnancy time, the woman needs folic acid because folic food source helps the baby’s brain’s development. Along with natural folic sources, a pregnant woman has to take the folic supplement as well.  There are many Gynecologist in Chennai like Aashara hospital who can suggest you have folic supplements daily. Because taking the folic supplement daily can prevent pregnant women to have any defects in their babies. 

Other foods like black grapes, ripe mango, banana, dates, apricots and cashews, rice, pulao, chapati, paratha, khichri, Gujarati thepla, cabbage, cauliflower, and spinach are also good for Pregnant women they surely have to add all these above foods daily in their diet.

Other Foods to Eat:

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