Best Neonatologist in Chennai

Best Neonatologist in Chennai:

The neonatologist in chennai at this hospital have wide experience with extensive training backed by qualified medical staff and modern medical facilities.  The neonatologist in Chennai at Aashara Hospital also works dedicatedly to identify diseases and disorders before birth, so that family could be well prepared to care for the child.

Various diseases and issues:

1.Benign neonatal seizures. 2.Neonatal hepatitis. 3.Neonatal hypoglycemia. 4.Perinatal asphyxia. 5.Neonatal jaundice(hyperbilirubinemia). 6.Infant respiratory distress syndrome. 7.Neonatal sepsis. 8.Neonatal bowel obstruction .

Roles and responsibilities of the neonatologist:

1.Accurate and correct diagnosis of new-borns to examine congenital defects, infections, breathing disorders, and other issues. 2.Supporting and assisting in the care and management of premature or very critically ill newborn baby. 3.Evaluate the proper nutrition for speedy growth and recovery of the new-borns. 4.Give proper care to babies who have some medical problems in the mother during the time of birth. 5.Alleviating any life-threatening conditions

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit:

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is designed to cater to the needs of newborn and critically ill babies. Facilitate with advanced technology equipment and trained healthcare personnel.   The baby has to stay in NICU till the neonatologist in Chennai at this hospital and other healthcare team observes till they won’t get properly recovered. 

When is a Neonatologist Consulted?

NICU is a specialized care unit that is specially designed for babies who are prematurely born or very ill to be treated correctly.  As the babies are very delegated so they seek advanced medical care and attention that only NICUS can offer.


1.Prematurity. 2.Early-term infants. 3.Birth weight less than 5.5 pounds. 4.Lack of oxygen cause seizures, kidney or heart failure. 5.Developmental anomalies. 6.Brain malformations and other congenital defects. 7.Heart problems. 8.Trauma. 9.Seizures .

What to Expect at a NICU Unit?

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – The baby has been kept in enclosed and transparent plastic cribs called incubators or in open warmer units.  The incubators check the baby:- 1.Heart rate. 2.Breathing temperature and blood pressure.

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