When you are pregnant, you need to enhance your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles immensely. Many pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy are there, where you can opt to boost your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.

Boosting these abdominal and pelvic floor muscles by adopting various pelvic exercises during pregnancy can ease your delivery pain and you can have a normal delivery. If you have poor abs, you may be unable to push effectively during your labor.

So, doing pelvic floor exercises not only prevents you from urinary incontinence later but also helps you to give stamina while labor pain. Let’s see, a few pelvic exercises that are best for you. 

You need to know about pelvic floor exercises starting from elevators to squats.

Essentiality of Muscles While Pregnant

When it comes to the innermost abdominal muscle, the transversus abdominis or transverse should be boosted up. When you sneeze, the action of the muscle works better it contracts and corsets.

When you move your muscles forward and backward, they compress the abdominal cavity, which leads to pushing during labor. When you think about healthy and normal pregnancy then doing regularly all these pelvic exercises during pregnancy is good.

The pelvic floor’s main muscle, PC (short for pubococcygeus), is constituted in figure eight around the openings of the urethra, vagina, and rectum. One of the pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy – Known as Kegel exercises boost the pelvic floor muscles & prevents the urinary incontinence that’s common after childbirth.

The Kegels, are done by squeezing the muscle around the vagina. Doing this exercise can boost your urine balder and can hold the flow of urine for 10 seconds. Can do 20 reps five times a day.

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Pelvic Floor Exercises for Pregnancy

All these pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy are designed for all pregnant women. Below are some pelvic floor exercises that can be done to strengthen the pelvic muscles. During normal labor, the pregnant ladies need to push to come out of the baby.

So, it eases the normal delivery pain and also the child could come out easily. Doing all these exercises at least three times a day, doing 10 repetitions of each move, and again repeating the same move at least for 20 reps will be enough.

Belly Breathing

How to do: First, sit with your legs crossed and your lower back supported with your hands on your belly. Slowly inhale with the help of your nose and enlarge your belly while keeping your back and shoulders still. When you breathe out oxygen through your mouth, then make your abdominals little forwards, bringing your naval towards the spine.

Belly Dancing on All Fours

How to do: In this pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy you may use more on your hands and knees, wrists knees hip-width. Your back should be flat, then draw your abdominals up and in. Doing your abdominals up and in, you need to bring your naval toward your spine; holding your breath normally.

Then bring down your pubic bone toward your navel, keeping your pelvis under tilt. Hold your breath and count from 1 to 5 to complete the process. To complete the last process, bring your foot forward and push off your thigh with both hands by setting your foot forward.


How To do: Keep your head on your upper belly with your lower back supported. Do these steps keeping the position near touching the naval. Should use your transverse in an elevated position with six “floors”. Continue your exercise with exhale, inhaling keeping your abs toward your spine to the fifth floor. Then hold your breath and count loud up to 30. Repeat the squeeze 5 times.  

Squat Combo

How To Do: You can do these pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy by holding a post or a sturdy chair, fixed in place. With the help of your feet stand farther than keeping your hip width included.

By keeping your weight over your heels, lower the body into a deep squat. Keep your weights on your heels. Do the Kegel then draw back your abs and exhale. Repeat the combo 5 times.

Down your body into a deep squat, Focussing your weight over your heels. (If your heels do not dash the floor, place a towel under them). Do a Kegel then draw your abs in as you exhale. Repeat the combo five times.

When Should You Start Doing Pelvic Floor Exercises During Pregnancy?

The NHS recommends starting pelvic exercises for pregnancy as so soon as you get to know that you are pregnant. You can start a little walk and get stretched-up exercise after the 3rd month of your pregnancy. These pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy can help you recover your childbirth and make your birth easy.

How Can I Boost My Pelvic Floor Muscles During Pregnancy?

These are a few pelvic exercises for pregnancy given above you can do to boost your pelvic muscle. Doing this can make your childbirth easy and comfortable. Use the steps-by-steps pelvic floor muscles exercise that are discussed above here.

Do Pelvic Floor Exercises Make Birth Easier?

Yes, doing pelvic exercises for pregnancy can enhance your childbirth easier and stress-free. Do the exercise as per the manual and instruction given above for Belly Breathing, Belly Dancing on All Fours, Elevators & Squat Combo.


This Blog will give you an idea of all pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy just have a glance above here and also know the age when you can opt for pelvic floor exercises and get to know their importance.