The neonatology department at Aashara Hospital offers the best specialist care to infants who are ill and also offers a wide range of special care for premature birth, congenital defects, and sepsis.

The neonatologist in chennai at this hospital have wide experience with extensive training backed by qualified medical staff and modern medical facilities. That includes – Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) which help them to offer delicate and comprehensive care for infants.

The neonatologist in Chennai at Aashara Hospital also works dedicatedly to identify diseases and disorders before birth, so that family could be well prepared to care for the child.

The neonatologist in Chennai here at Aashara Hospital looks into various diseases and issues such as-

Neonatologists: What do they do?

A pediatrician can manage the almost all-important medical care needs of your baby, but when the conditions move to a higher risk side or any complication is observed, there is a need for a neonatologist. Neonatal intensive care units or NICUs are where these higher-risk side babies have complications and are treated in this intensive care unit.

The neonatologist at Aashara Hospital will take care very thoroughly of critical conditions-related issues in your baby’s care gently with proper supervision and observation. Apart from this special care is also given before the birth as well by observing the condition during the time of delivery. The doctor also follows up on short-term care for newborns or infant.

Best Neonatologist in Chennai | Aashara Hospital

The roles and responsibilities of the neonatologist in Chennai at Aashara Hospital are as follows.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is designed to cater to the needs of newborn and critically ill babies. Facilitate with advanced technology equipment and trained healthcare personnel. NICU also offers to those babies who are not critically ill but they need specialized nursing care.

The baby has to stay in NICU till the neonatologist in Chennai at this hospital and other healthcare team observes till they won’t get properly recovered.

When is a Neonatologist Consulted?

NICU is a specialized care unit that is specially designed for babies who are prematurely born or very ill to be treated correctly. As the babies are very delegated so they seek advanced medical care and attention that only NICUS can offer.

Here are some conditions for which a baby should be admitted to the NICU.

What to Expect at a NICU Unit

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – The baby has been kept in enclosed and transparent plastic cribs called incubators or in open warmer units. The incubators forge to maintain the temperature of the baby. These incubators or open warmer units eliminate the risk of any future infection or illness that could harm premature babies.

The incubators have a special feature to maintain moisture levels so that the babies won’t get dehydrated.

The incubators check the baby

The incubators pipe is attached to a tube to provide oxygen, medicines, and fluids to the babies along with an addition to a respirator machine. Keeping the premature and critically ill babies here ensures that they won’t develop any respiratory complications.


What is the Best Neonatologist?

When choosing a neonatologist in Chennai, you want someone with experience and expertise in caring for newborns. Dr. S. Balaji is the best one practicing in Aashara Hospital. He is specialized in diagnosing and treating conditions related to preterm babies or those with complex medical issues.

Who is Called a Neonatologist?

A neonatologist can be defined as a health professional who specializes in caring for newborn babies. They are responsible for assessing, diagnosing, evaluating, treating, and monitoring the medical conditions of newborns from delivery until they reach infancy.

Caring for newborns – particularly those who were born prematurely – requires highly skilled medical professionals known as neonatal specialists. Dr. S. Balaji is the best Neonatologist in Chennai who also provides family support by teaching parents about infant care such as bathing, and feeding methods, and developing parent-infant bonding strategies.

What Conditions Do Neonatologists Treat?

Neonatology is a medical specialty that focuses on the care of newborns, especially those born prematurely or with health complications such as jaundice, respiratory distress syndrome (RDS), low birth weight, infections, congenital heart disease defects, and feeding difficulties. If your baby faces such a problem meet Dr. S. Balaji the best Neonatologist in Chennai.


If your baby is premature and has any critically healthy issues then surely visit a neonatologist in Chennai, Aashara Hospital. This blog will show you a ray of hope if you are not getting any information about the best and most affordable NICU Unit. Have a glance above and know the importance of neonatologists and the significance of this hospital’s NICU unit.

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