Healthy diet is always an essential aspect of human life. Especially in the case of Pregnant women, healthy diet plays a vital role. It is a renowned fact that pregnant women have to consume an additional 350 to 400 calories daily in addition to their specified diet. It supports their energy requirements.

Pregnancy Diet

When a woman gets pregnant, she undergoes various stages of changes. She must remember about the growth of the foetus. For the healthy growth of the baby, she must eat right. Pregnant women should prefer nutritious diet. It may constitute of fruits, vegetables, nuts, milk, eggs, dark green leafy vegetables, grains. A protein rich diet enables essential nutrition is served to the baby. Foods rich in Iron and Vitamin A, B and D forms crucial aspect of nutritional source for the foetus. Calcium and carbs do play a major role too. Likewise, there are limitations on what not to eat or what are the foods that are to be curtailed off consuming before the birth of your child. Raw meat, Raw milk, Fish with high levels of mercury, Oysters, undercooked food, brownie, ice cream, etc are to be avoided.

Concentrating on Healthy diet during Pregnancy enables expecting mothers to stay sufficient on nutritional aspects. This enables their body to support the baby internally. Health drinks, whole grains, nuts and other essential foods rich in nutritional value are prescribed to make expecting mother’s strong. So, a healthy diet after conception till the birth of the child ensures that the infant will be born healthy. The child will be born without any birth defects. It also ensures that the baby has an option to grow in as a normal child without any difficulties both physically and as well as mentally.


Breastfeeding is an important event in a new born baby’s life. The milk that is fed to the babyacts as a source of nutrition and as well as an effective shield of protection. Mother’s milk constitutes of antibodies which enables the baby to fight against environmental diseases and infections. Low fat foods are prescribed for women who have just given birth to their child. It is also necessary to add more fluids in diet. Experts suggest that a woman should doubly be cautious about her health and what she eats especially after her child’s birth when compared to her pregnancy days. The food she eats directly impacts the child. This is the reason doctors insist on taking healthy food after child birth.

Meanwhile the list of foods to be avoided during the period of breastfeeding includes Chocolates, spicy food, large amount of citrus foods, over 2 or 3 servings of coffee, baking soda, vinegar, etc., It is best to opt for home cooked food. The advantage of home cooked food is that one of your family members know about your health and prepares accordingly. Whereas the probability of your health getting disturbed by food you consume outside is higher. Mothers of new born, on refraining from the above-mentioned foods, will benefit their child to grow up healthy. Considered to contain medicinal values which fights immunity related problems in infants, mother’s milk protects the infant to obtain the much-required nutrients.

The need for a healthy diet in a women’s life is crucial. Especially during the birth of a child, it plays a major role in maintaining the equilibrium of a women’s life.

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