In recent times, surgical methods have tremendously evolved over time, and much more innovative, safer, and better surgical methods have arrived increasing the quality of life for a surgical patient; laparoscopic surgery is one among them. It is also called minimally invasive surgery. Usually, laparoscopic surgery is done on the abdomen which involves making 6- to 12-inch-long cuts. That’s why it is sometimes called keyhole surgery. 

The laparoscopic surgery in Chennai is performed with the help of a laparoscope, a lean slender-shaped tool attached with a tiny video camera and light on the tip. The surgeon will make small incisions by inserting different instruments along with the laparoscope through the abdominal wall, visualizing it on a video screen. 

When is Laparoscopy Used?

Laparoscopy is used for diagnosing conditions or performing surgeries in the abdominal and pelvic areas. Surgeons who perform laparoscopic surgery in Chennai treat many illnesses. Certain conditions that are treated include:

If your laparoscopic surgeon examines you and asks you to get the best laparoscopic treatment with a reasonable laparoscopic hysterectomy cost in Chennai, you can approach Aashara Hospital as the experts here use specialized equipment for enhanced visibility to ensure you get the best treatment possible. 

Diagnostic Tests and Treatment Procedures

All the diagnostic tests and treatment procedures are recommended by the doctor before performing the laparoscopic surgery in Chennai in order to examine the following organs like gallbladder, appendix, liver, pancreas, spleen, small intestine, stomach, and pelvic or reproductive organs. 

Diagnostic Tests

The diagnostic tests that are usually performed before the laparoscopic surgery in Chennai include:

Treatment Procedure

A laparoscopy is an outpatient procedure which means the patient can go home the same day in many cases. Before the laparoscopic surgery in Chennai, general anesthesia is given to the patient for surgery where an intravenous (IV) line is inserted in one of the veins. Through the IV, the anaesthesiologist gives special medications besides providing hydration with fluids.

During a laparoscopy, the surgeon will make an incision below the belly button, and then inserts a small tube (cannula). It is used to inflate the abdomen with carbon dioxide gas for allowing the doctor to view the abdominal organs more clearly. Once the abdomen is inflated, the surgeon will insert a laparoscope through the incision made.

Laparoscopic Surgery in Chennai | Aashara Hospital

The camera attached to the laparoscope will display the images on a screen, allowing the organs to be viewed in real-time. The number and size of incisions depend upon the specific diseases of the patient and these incisions are made to allow other instruments to be inserted.

For instance, the surgeon will need to use another surgical tool to perform a biopsy. During a biopsy, he/she may take a small sample of tissue from an organ to be evaluated. After the laparoscopic surgery in Chennai, the instruments are removed, and the incisions are closed with stitches or surgical tape. 

Pros and Cons of Laparoscopic Surgeries

The laparoscopic surgeries can be done at a reasonable laparoscopic surgery cost in Chennai. Besides that, there are other benefits that include

Although laparoscopic surgery in Chennai has a great advantage for a patient, there are a few complications which may include the following:

Moreover, the laparoscopic hysterectomy cost in Chennai may vary depending on the type of surgery a patient is supposed to undergo. 

Which Hospital is Best for Laparoscopy in Chennai?

Aashara Hospital offers top-to-notch laparoscopic surgery in Chennai that gives a complete check-up to any internal organs which are affected by a disease. The team of specialists here at this hospital uses a laparoscope instrument to do surgical diagnostic procedures to identify the root cause of your diseases.

Is Laparoscopy High-Risk Surgery?

No, when laparoscopy is done here at Aashara Hospital is risk-free because under high supervision this surgical procedure is undertaken. With a small scar, the doctors do the surgical diagnostic procedure. Common symptoms may be experienced by the patient like fevers or chills, shortness of breath or abdominal pain can contact the doctor here at Aashara Hospital which is the best laparoscopic surgery in Chennai.

What is the Most Common Laparoscopic Surgery?

A few common types of laparoscopic surgery include:

Laparoscopy is done differently seeing your organ condition where the disease is affected these are a few common types of laparoscopic surgery done here at laparoscopic surgery in Chennai.


To conclude, laparoscopic surgeries are common techniques used to minimize the size of surgical incisions and lessen recovery time. However, the surgical approach of laparoscopy surgery in Chennai doesn’t necessarily reduce the risk of operative or postoperative complications. A conversion to open surgery may be necessary if complications arise during the surgical procedure. 

You can approach our experts at Aashara Hospital as the experts here to advise you regarding the best surgical approach to optimize the recovery time depending on your specific situation along with an affordable laparoscopic surgery cost in Chennai.

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