Aashara Hospital, being one of the best maternity hospitals in Chennai is equipped with a multidisciplinary team of experts to help you prepare for each development from preconception to post delivery. Here, every expectant mother is offered with complete services that includes current education on childbirth and infant care besides a comfortable and safe delivery.

Why Choose Aashara Hospital?

Welcoming a new child is one of the most significant experiences of your life, and choosing a good maternity hospital in Chennai to have your baby is considered to be a vital decision. At Aashara Hospital, you and your baby will be cared for by our skilled team of maternity specialists from board-certified physicians, experts in high-risk pregnancies, and nationally certified nurses. That’s why so many expecting parents trust us. 

In the rare scenarios you may require individualized medical care during your pregnancy and/or labor, you can rest assured knowing that you are in one of the best maternity hospitals in Chennai with a homely, caring, and a dedicated team that is fully committed to hold your hand throughout the pregnancy journey

Moreover, we are equipped with adult ICUs, operative rooms, laboratory services, round the clock pharmacy services along with modern ultrasonography machines used by our foetal medicine specialists in scanning for foetal anomalies of any degree.

How We Care for Pregnant Ladies and Babies?

Our best maternity hospitals in Chennai provides innovative care from prenatal genetic testing and diagnostic imaging to childbirth, along with parenting, fitness and breastfeeding classes. Our experienced maternity team ensures to provide compassionate care and state-of-the-art medical services.

There are also some other specialized maternity services offered by our best maternity hospitals in Chennai. These include

New born infants who require intensive medical care need the NICU unit as it can be overwhelming. A up-to-date, family-centered care is designed for enhancing outcomes by applying the cutting-edge developments and best practices in neonatology. 

Also, we provide families and their new-borns with an access to resources of the area’s highest-level care inside our best maternity hospitals in Chennai.

The safety of your baby is our utmost priority where we never fail to provide comprehensive care before, during and after childbirth. The supportive team in our best maternity hospitals in Chennai, manages every form of delivery from natural to high-risk pregnancies with skilled medical advancements. 

We provide an opportunity for you by scheduling a wellness visit with an attentive approach (in-person or virtual) soon after you are discharged home.

When delivering a baby, you want to feel comfortable as possible. We provide modern mother-baby units that comprises private rooms and luxurious touches by making a smooth partnership with your obstetrician, using the standard level of sophisticated technology for labor, delivery as well as postpartum care.

Besides that, special amenities such as luxury linens and other plush additions are provided in this good maternity hospital in Chennai.


Is 37 Weeks full-term for a Baby?

The best maternity hospitals in Chennai make sure that 37 weeks has to be completed for a pregnant woman because this is considered to be a full-term for their brain, liver and lungs to mature and for successful delivery. The average weight of the baby weighs 3-4 kgs by now.

Which Doctor is Best for Delivery?

Dr. A. Mythily from Aashara Hospital is considered to be the best doctor for delivery. She has received intense training to handle patients with high-risk pregnancies and has also treated thousands of high-risk patients like severe preeclampsia, obstetric cholestasis, and heart diseases, etc. in the best maternity hospitals in Chennai. 

Which Hospital is Best for Pregnancy?

There are many best maternity hospitals in Chennai and one amongst that is the Aashara Hospital. Here the expert team of doctors render impeccable maternity, gynecology, pediatrics and neonatal services with comprehensive care. Also, the labor delivery rooms are completed sterilized and equipped for a safe and comfortable delivery experience.


At Aashara Hospital, we provide patient-centered gynaecological care for a multicultural and socio-economically diverse population. This best maternity hospitals in Chennai also provide a broad range of extensive services for general gynaecology-related problems such as benign and malignant gynaecological conditions, procedural interventions, including PAP smear, hysteroscopy, colposcopy, hysterectomies, and staging surgeries for gynaecological malignancies, etc.