Aashara Hospital is one of the renowned and best IVF hospital in Chennai. This hospital has a team of fertility experts and doctors who are always there to help those patients who face difficulties while conceiving naturally. Nowadays poor lifestyles and environmental factors have given rise to many complications to conceive naturally.

So, if you are one of them facing lots of trouble while conceiving then this hospital has equipped with the latest IVF technology, where you can get a 100% chance to conceive. This blog will give you a total idea about IVF treatment, its cost, and which hospital is best to handle IVF treatment. Have a broader view here:

What is In Vitro Fertilisation or IVF Treatment?

Normally, through a natural process, the sperm are fertilized inside the women’s ovaries. If the fertilized egg comes together to the lining of the womb and continues to grow, a baby is born 9 months later.

But In Vitro Fertilisation or IVF is a type of assisted reproductive technology (ART), given to those who cannot conceive naturally. In Vitro means the egg is fertilized outside of the body, then after some incubation periods, the egg is implanted in the woman’s womb through advanced clinical and laboratory techniques. The best IVF hospital in Chennai – Aashara Hospital offers multiple rounds of fertility treatments to conceive successfully.

IVF includes 5 basic steps:

When IVF is Suggested and for Whom?

IVF is conducted for that couple who are deprived of having a baby, where natural and premilitary methods fail, then the doctor suggests having this IVF process by seeing all the followings discussed below here:

Best IVF Hospital in Chennai | Aashara Hospital

The main indications for IVF include in this best IVF hospital in Chennai are:

  1. Blocked Tubes
  2. Abnormal Sperm Parameters Including

IVF Procedure is Undertaken at Aashara Hospital

IVF Procedure is undertaken at IVF hospital in Chennai by the experienced doctor name Dr. Mythily – MD and MBBS practices at Aashara Hospital one of the best IVF specialist in Chennai. She follows step-by-step procedures to make the IVF treatment successful. Here are steps she follows:

  1. Ovarian Stimulation: stimulating the ovaries with injectable fertility drugs.
  2. Egg Retrieval: Egg (oocyte) collection.
  3. Insemination: The eggs and sperm are carried out together to effect fertilization.
  4. Embryo Culture: Most of the mature eggs will become embryos after fertilization. Finally, the egg is grown in a culture dish kept inside the incubators, observed for 5 days, then it is implanted in the patient’s uterus.

How Much Does IVF Cost in Chennai?

The IVF treatment cost in Chennai depends on various factors it may vary from clinic to clinic. But Aashara Hospital the best IVF hospital in Chennai offers high-class IVF treatment at affordable cost with a high rate of success.

Which Hospital is the Best for IVF?

Aashara Hospital is the best IVF hospital in Chennai, offering a high-quality IVF treatment process with a 100% success rate. The expert here has the vision that couples who are deprived of not getting any child should get their child to maintain their legacy and generations. This hospital is the best IVF hospital in Chennai because for the following reason:

What Age is IVF Most Successful?

When it comes to the success of IVF for any couple, age plays a major factor. For example, a woman whose age is 35 and who goes for IVF then there is only a 39.6% chance of having a baby. While women over the age of 40 have only an 11.5% chance.

Is IVF 100% Accurate?

It depends upon the age, and at what age the woman going to have IVF. Usually, women more than 40 ages can have less chance than women having the age of 35. Multiple session is undertaken by this best IVF hospital in Chennai till the IVF becomes successful.


This blog is the best resource to get all ideas about IVF treatment, its cost, effectiveness, steps, and so on. When it comes to the best IVF hospital in Chennai, Aashara Hospital comes first on the list. To know more read this blog detail.